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Monarch Ambassadors

S2S Student 2 Student
S2S Student 2 Student

Monarch Ambassadors is an organization that is in its 6th year at NHS .  This is an elite group of NHS students who represent the diversity and excellence we strive for all the students to achieve.  In order to become an Ambassador a student must complete an application, have teacher recommendations, and participate in the interview process.  If chosen, the student must then attend training at Summer Leadership Camp.  This is a wonderful opportunity for student leaders to represent NHS in the best way possible.  In addition to this, we also participate in Community service.

The Ambassadors have implemented the S2S (student to student) program at NHS.  Our goal is to make new students have an easier transition into our school.  We participate in Freshmen Orientation by providing tours and tips for incoming 9th graders.  We conduct tours for any new student who arrives at NHS, as well as eat lunch with them on their first days at NHS.  We also introduce new students to other students at NHS.  Each new student is invited to attend one of our New Student Celebrations as well as our football games! 

Our goal is to immediately establish a peer relationship thereby helping new students to gain greater confidence, enhance their comfort level and increase their well being while they adjust to their new experiences. We aim to quickly bring transitioning students necessary and relevant information from a credible, relatable source: ANOTHER STUDENT.  We love to add new Monarchs to our campus!!!