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Air Force JROTC

UNIFORM for Tuesday, Dec 15th is Windbreaker with Tie/Tab.  

Uniform for Seymour-Johnson tour on Wednesday, Dec 16th is Windbreaker with Open Collar.


This course is a combination of academics, drill, athletics, and the uniform. It is designed after the service academies (US Air Force Academy, West Point, and U.S. Naval Academy) it emphasizes student involvement and leadership. It is also concentrates on the development of character. It is open to both males and females, complimenting all phases of the high school curriculum. This course is valuable to any student, because it helps prepare the student for the responsibilities he or she will face after high school, whether it be college or the work force. Each year we have been successful in obtaining college ROTC scholarships for top-performing students who wish to pursue a leadership opportunities in the military. Depending on the cadet that can earn metals awards and ribbions. We have had a quite a few cadets win National awards, and recgonition by the military.

Cadets have to be willing to wear the Air Force uniform, conform to Air Force grooming standards and maintain military bearing and protocol standards.  Cadets should also be physically capable of marching, standing for long periods of time and participate in physical training. If the cadets believe they will not be able to do this and still wish to participate in the progress they have to speak with either Lt.Col. McIntosh, or MSgt. Griep. We encourage all cadets to express leadership skills in any environment.

AFJROTC had a few programs its self. The Drill Team is a excellent program that helps the cadet learn disapline and leadership skill. The Drill Team goes to competitons across North Carolina competeing against cadets and military programs. Its a great way for cadets to meet others and learn more about the program. The cadets who participate in this program earn awards and ribbions, the most important thing they will learn on the Drill Team is leadership. Th Raider Team, learns survival skills, essentail in military combat zones. The Raider Team goes to competitons as well. The competitons constist of physical fitness, rope bridges, first aid in the combat zone, land navigation. They fight for the best times, the best part is all of this is done as  a TEAM, they learn teamwork a important part of military life. You must know how to survive with out others but also how to help them as a team.

AFJROTC strives to teach everyone about leadership, teamwork, disipline. AFJROTC is a large family, students learn about their fellow cadets, their weaknesses their strengths and how they work the best. This program is run by the cadets who show the most leadership if one cadet doesnt participate and do what they must it is disappointing and weakens not just the cadet but the entire squadron. AFJROTC is for everyone who can show these skills or wishes to learn them. We welcome all new cadets, so if you want to be apart of not only a class but a team and a family, AFJROTC is for you.

Feel free to browse our calender, news, and photos.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll one day join the Monarch Squadron.

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DoD Chain of Command

Commander in Chief                                                        The Honorable Barack H. Obama

Secretary of Defense                                                       The Honarable Mr. Ashton B. Carter

Secretary of the Air Force                                                The Honarable Ms. Deborah L. James

Chief of Staff of the Air Force                                             Gen. Mark A. Welsh, III

Commander of Air Education and Training Command        Lt. Gen. Darryl L. Roberson

Commander of the Air University                                        Lt. Gen. Steven L. Kwast

Commander of the Holm Center                                          Brig. Gen. Paul H. Guemmer

Director of Air Force JROTC                                                 Col. Bobby C. Woods, Jr.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff                                  Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., USMC

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force                                CMSgt James A. Cody