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Mrs.  Maria  Johnson
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Principal's Corner


Maria Johnson
Maria Johnson

It is with great pleasure that I inform you Northside High School achieved the recognition of High Growth according to the state’s ABC Summary Report.  Additionally, Northside High School’s overall composite score was  Our students took the testing process very seriously and we are extremely proud of their determination and commitment to excellence.

While this past school year was exciting and quite successful, we are looking ahead to an outstanding 2013-2014 school year.

In addition to the presently existing: 21st Century Academy, Avid Program, ROTC Program, stellar Marching Band Program, and the continuation of our Channel 22 News Broadcast, Northside High School is implementing two new academies, a new engineering program and many additional AP courses.

Students enrolled in our Culinary Arts Academy, directed by Jacqueline Sharpe, will have the opportunity to gain perspective and training in the art of cooking, food service management and business management. Students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience through mentoring and internship opportunities.

Our new Music Academy will appeal to students who are passionate about music either through chorus, band, acting, set design or a combination of all the aforementioned. The focus of this academy will allow students the experience of blending all musical talents as they write music and songs, choreograph stage lighting, and direct musicals in order to ultimately perform a musical production.

During the 2010-2011 school year the following Advanced Placement Courses were taught to our students: AP English III and IV, AP AB Calculus, AP BC Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP US History and AP Biology. In addition to these courses, during the 2011-2012 school we will also offer: AP World History, AP Earth and Environmental Science, AP Art History and AP Statistics. Our students will benefit greatly from having the opportunity to take and receive credit for college level courses sponsored by the College Board.

Among other programs, we are also introducing Project Lead the Way for those students who are mathematically and Science focused. Over a four year period of time, students participating in this engineering project based program will not only be exposed to exploring how math, science and technology impact society, they will also have the opportunity to earn twelve college credits in the field of Engineering.

In order to increase the Northside students’ global awareness, our team is in the process of globalizing each and every classroom on our campus. Globalization in the classroom will emphasize through an integrated curriculum a global awareness of current issues, international business and marketing in a global economy. For this reason, we are embarking on building a partnership with a community in Belize. While the partnership is currently in the planning stages, we are very excited about it.

The faculty and staff of Northside High are proud of our past accomplishments and very excited about our future endeavors. We are always looking for student, parent and community involvement and support.