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Mrs.  Hilary  Scott
Exceptional Children's Teacher
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BA Psychology from the Univeristy of Nevada, Reno. 



Eight years of experience working with exceptional children and adults. Primarily working with adults and young children with severe disabilities, ranging across a wide scale of diagnoses. Two years of primary school experience tutoring children in English, Reading, Writing and Science. One year of experience writing curriculum and behavior plans for mild to severe behaviors and skills. 


Born in California, I moved to Nevada when I was 8 and claim both areas as home. I was lucky to live on the border to allow the opportunity to constantly travel between my birth-home and my permanent home. I grew up doing ranch work and had two horses up until college. I attended community college prior to attending university to dabble in different areas and complete core classes. At university I was fortunate enough to have classes with well-known figures of the Psychology community and was inspired by their teachings. Being a military family, we moved to North Carolina in 2016.

This is a newer teaching experience for me as I have previously worked privately, in primary school or for different service programs. I enjoy being a teacher and being able to put my knowledge to use in a different capacity.