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Semester Topics


Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!!!


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Remind 101 Codes:

1st period- @1stondrus

2nd period- @2ndondrus

3rd period- @3rdondrus


PowerHour Tutoring:

Mon. - Thurs. A & B- Biology Tutoring




Biology Semester Topics  

1st 6 weeks test- Thurs. March 1

1st 6 weeks Honors Cell Model Project due- March 5

2nd 6 weeks test- Fri. April 13

2nd 6 weeks Energy Project due- April 16

3rd 6 weeks test- Fri. May 18

EOC Review in class- May 29- June 4

Practice EOC in class- May 21

Saturday Review- Sat. June 2 8 am- 12 noon

Exams- Tues. June 5- Fri. June 8

Final Honors Portfolio Project due- May 29

Final Review Packet due EXAM DAY!!



I. Structures and Functions of Living Organisms

-cells and organelles, cell transport, homeostasis, cell division 

II. Ecosystems

-flow of energy, organism behaviors and relationships, populations, human impact, protection and conservation

III. Evolution and Genetics

-DNA and RNA, genetic variations and traits, inheritance patterns, DNA technology, evolution, classification 

IV. Molecular Biology

-macromolecules, protein synthesis, ensymes, photosynteisis, cell respiration