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The following Eligibility Requirements must also be met for any Off-Season Workouts: Skill Development, Open Gym, Summer Workouts, Conditioning Work-Outs, Weight Room (non-class), Pre-Season Work-Outs, Passing League, Basketball Leagues.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: (Northside High School, Onslow County and NCHSAA)

There are 7 basic requirements: (1). Grades-Academics, (2). Physical, (3). Insurance, (4). Age, (5). 8-Semester Rule (Years in High school), (6). Residency, and (7). Attendance. A student will not be allowed to practice or try out for a team until they are eligible in all areas. Be Eligible on the first day, as some teams hold tryouts for only a few days!

1. Grades-Academics - A student must pass 3-of-4 classes (credits) per semester which includes scoring a Level 3 or above on their EOC Exams.

2. Physical and  Athletic Participation Parental Permission Forms - A physical is required every 395 days (normally once in a school year.) You can download both forms by navigating and clicking "Physical Form" and/or "Athletic Participation Parental Permission Form", which is found under the Athletics section on the school homepage. ATHLETIC PHYSICAL FORM-DO NOT SUBSTITUTE THIS FORM! Fill out your personal history and have it signed by a parent and the student-athlete. Take this completed form with you to your physical exam. In order to tryout for an athletic team, a student-athlete must have on file an up-to-date physical. The Physical Form and Athletic Participation Parental Permission Both forms must be completely filled out, signed, and turned into coaches or front office prior to the student being eligible to practice.

If a student misses five (5) consecutive days of practice due to illness or injury, then the student must have a doctor's note stating that they are (1) Physically able to continue playing the sport, and (2) recovered from their illness or injury, before they will be allowed to continue to participate in athletics. Any head injury must be evaluated by a doctor licensed to practice medicine before they are allowed to play in a game or practice. The doctor must sign the NCHSAA Return To Play Form.

3. Insurance - Onslow County Schools requires that all athletes purchase school athletic accident insurance OR show proof of personal accident insurance by completing/signing an insurance waiver form in order to participate in athletics (including tryouts). This information is protected but is necessary in case the student-athlete is injured and the parent cannot be initially contacted so that emergency treatment can be given without delay.

4. Age - No student is eligible who is 19 on or before August 31st, 2016 (born on or before August 31, 1997)...(New age date effective SY 2011-2012)

5. 8 Semesters - A student is eligible for eight (8) consecutive academic semesters from the date they first entered ninth (9th) grade. No student may participate in any high school sport more than 4 consecutive seasons.

6. Residency- A student must reside with their parents or show a court order referring in terms of custody and not guardianship. Please contact the NHS Athletic Director if there are questions and for a further explanation of the residency requirements (School Phone 455-4868). Any change in residency must be bona fide; (1) The original residence must be abandoned as a residence; that is sold, rented or disposed of as a residence, and must not be used as residence by any member of the family; (2) The entire family must make the change and take with them the household goods and furniture appropriate to the circumstances; (3) the change must be made with the intent that it is permanent. If a family submits false residency information, the student-athlete will be declared ineligible for 365 days. OUT-OF-DISTRICT Approvals must be made by JUNE 1 each year.

7. Attendance - A player must have been in attendance for at least 85% of the previous semester at his/her previous school. If you miss more than 13.5 days of school, in any one semester, for any reason (excused & unexcused), you are ineligible.

Hopefully, all of our NHS student-athletes will have a COACHABLE ATTITUDE, be a TEAM PLAYER and be a POSITIVE ROLE MODEL!

Each athletic team and coach will have their additional team rules and expectations; both written and verbal.

A Mandatory Pre-Season Parent Meeting will be held at the beginning of each sport season to explain the overall athletic program expectations and to meet the coaches. At least one parent must attend this meeting in order for their daughter/son to participate in a game.

For additional explanation or information, please contact the NHS Athletic Director at 455-4868.

NORTHSIDE ATHLETIC WEB SITE: Includes an up-to-date SCHEDULES, SCORES, GAME STORIES, STATS, MERCHANDISE, Information Links, etc. Parents can sign up for schedule changes and scores to be sent to their cell phone or computer. (Free service with NO spam).  

FOOTBALL PLAYERS - Refer to the online SCHOOL CALENDAR for summer weight room training and work-outs. The weight room is open to all athletes; including incoming Freshmen. "Open to All, Required of None"...You really need to attend these practices to get acclimatized to the heat and get into shape!

Northside is a member of the very competitive 2A East Central Conference: Croatan, Dixon, East Duplin, North Brunswick, Northside, and Southwest. (The NCHSAA realigns all conferences for a 4 year period (2013-2017) therefore this is a new Conference losing former members Clinton, South Lenoir, Swansboro(3A), Richlands(3A) and Topsail(3A). The ECC dropped from a 8 team to a 6 team Conference.

For the 2017-2021 school years, Northside will be moving up to a new 3A Conference with Jacksonville, White Oak, Swansboro, Havelock and West Carteret.

GET INVOLVED AT NORTHSIDE! - Clubs - Activities - Athletics

ENJOY Your High School Years! ……………Academics Come First!

You must PASS to PLAY! ……………….. "ATTITUDE IS Everything!"


(NOTE: Prospective Student-Athletes must be Eligible & Ready To Practice on the first official day of practice. Try-out periods often last only a few days before teams are chosen. If you are not ready, you may be too late to try-out.)


Athletic Team Tryouts are held at the beginning of each sport season..Fall-Winter-Spring. All NHS students are invited and encouraged to tryout for a NHS athletic team. New students and Freshmen are especially invited. Summer workouts are held by many teams-see the NHS Online Calendar for dates/times.

Northside Athletic Web Site:

Northside School Web Site:


NHS sports offered for the SY 2016-2017

FALL SPORTS: 1st day of practice is August 1st.  The Season is August-November.

Football: Coach Kendrick Pollock-Varsity/Coach Chris Harris-JV.

Men Soccer: Coach Jared Brown

Volleyball: Coach Ciarra Wheeler

Men/Women Cross Country: Tryouts will be Aug 29; NHS track; 2:45pm - Coach David Hager 

Women Tennis - Coach Kari Cobb

Cheerleading...Varsity & JV...Cheerleaders tryout in April or May for the next school year. The cheerleading season is for Fall & a seperate tryout for Winter sports. Please contact the cheerleading coaches for more info...Varsity-Coach Dolly Grosskopf; JV-Coach Alicia Goynes


WINTER SPORTS: 1st day of practice: October 31; Season: November-March

Basketball: Girls Varsity & JV (9-10 grades)...Boys Varsity & JV (9-10 grades) – Coach Tony Marshburn(BV), Ric Hammond (BJV) – Coach Chad Novelli(GV) – Coach Paige Hollis (GJV)

Wrestling: Varsity – Coach David Pelsang, Sr

Men/Women Winter Track: Boys & Girls - Coach Kathryn Hansen


SPRING SPORTS: 1st day of practice: February 13; Season: February-May

Baseball: Varsity & JV (Grades 9-10 ) – Coach Henry Rochelle

Softball: Coach Paige Hollis

Men/Women Track: Coach McDougal and Coach Hill

Women's Soccer...Girls Varsity – Coach Jared Brown

Men's Tennis...Boys – Coach Kari Cobb

Men's Golf...Boys – Coach Ryan Jacobs

Men/Women Lacrosse: Coach (B) Bob Eason - Coach (G)Chris Harris