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Peer Council

NHS Peer Council 2017-2018
Peer Council

NHS Peer Council 2017-2018
MTSS Tier 2 Behavior Intervention
Administrator: Kimberly McDuffie
Advisor: Cecilia Fountain

Each Tuesday & Thursday During Power Hour

Peer Council


Justin Bautista:  Justin is a senior at Northside. In addition to peer council, he serves on the math, history, science, and National Honor Society. He is a straight "A" student and believes in hard work and education. He is also a member of the Science Club, Science Olympiad, and play Varsity Tennis. He looks forward to working on the peer council and looks forward to demonstrate the upmost respect to his peers.

Marianna Cota: Marianna is a senior and is a member of the STEM Academy. She particates in the diverse communities offered at  Northside to include National English Honor Society, Science Club, S2S, and this year peer council. Once she graduates, she plans to pursue a degree in Biomedical Science and work in research.

Jacob Myers: Jacob is a senior at Northside and plays baseball. After graduating from high school, he plans to attend ECU to become an Electrical Engineer.

Tatum Kellum:  Tatum is a senior at Northside. In addtion to peer council, she is actively involved in the STEM Academy, Key Club, Student 2 Student (S2S), National English Honor Society, President of Skills USA, National Honor Society, and Science Honor Society. After high school, she plans to attend NCSU to student Biomedical Engineering in hopes to achieving a career in Bioprinting.

Tamara Ellis: Tamara is a senior at Northside. After high school, she plans to attend UNC-W to become a Neonatal Nurse.

Felimon Holland: Felimon is a senior, raised by a military family. He moved every 3 years until his father retired. He started taking high school math in middle school and completed AP Statistics his freshman year. He has participated in Math, Science, and National Honor Society. He plans to attend NCSU for Civil Engineering.

Eva Holloway

Serenity Cortes

Brooke Gruber: Brooke is a senior at Northside High School. She is very honored to have been selected to serve on the Peer Council. At school, she is a member of the Varsity Girls Tennis team for 3 years and a founding member of the Dancing Royals. She has also had the lead role of Mary in "Mary Poppins" and have been in four other high school productions. She is also a member of National Honor Society, S2S, and Key Club. She hopes to attend the US Service Academy. After graduation, she plans to become a dentist. She is looking forward to a successful first year of peer council.

Sienna Sanchez



What is NHS Peer Council (NHSPC)?
NHSPC is a comprised of a group of NHS students who have been deemed by staff as model students in their behaviors. These students demonstrate excellent leadership skills, academic achievement, and positive behavior. This program is designed to allow students to discuss minor behavior issues with their peers. The student & parent must agree that their child can participate in this tier 2 intervention. Teachers who refer their students to the council, will inform the parent of the referral and make the recommendation for their student to participate in the NHSPC hearing.
Students will then appear before 3 out of the 10 members on their designated day, supervised by Mrs. Cecilia Fountain or a member of administration. The purpose of having a council is to give students the opportunity to correct their behavior before it escalates or continues, to avoid spending time in In-School or Out-of-School Suspension.

NHSPC will hear the argument and recommend a constructive consequence for their peers that may include the following recommendations as set forth in the student handbook:
-Character Education
-Lunch Detention
-ABE Modules
- Parent-Teacher Conference
-Administrator Referral

NHSPC will hear the following referral types:
-Honor Code Violations
-Bus Misbehavior
-Dress Code Violations
-Failing to Comply w/minor instructions
-Failing to Have ID
-Work Completion
-Sleeping in Class
-Refusing to work in class

Students who choose not to participate in this intervention, will be awarded with the appropriate consequence set forth by school administration and will not be offered this option in any future infractions.
Students who choose to effectively participate will receive the assigned consequence set forth by the council and will earn points through the Behavior Exchange Game which awards students with up to $20 in Monarch Money to be redeemed from Dr. McDuffie or Mrs. Fountain.

Order of Hearing
1. Students arrive in to the designated area during Power Lunch on their designated day
2. Council will call student and discuss infraction with the student
a. Student will be given 2 minutes if he/she wishes to discuss infraction
b. Council will review referral, discuss schoolwide expectations, and OCS Board Policy.
c. Council administer consequence
3. Council will document their decision (supported by school-wide expectations and OCS board policy) on the provided Google Doc (monitored by Fountain and administration)
4. After successful completion of the consequence, the infraction will be documented as a classroom referral in lieu of an office referral, which has to be documented in the permanent discipline record.
*Only students who are on the docket are allowed to attend Peer Council hearings.Council Attendance


Members of the council are expected to serve on their designated day unless there is an emergency. If there is an emergency, you will need to personally speak with Mrs. Fountain and find a replacement member to serve. All members must attend the 2 week training as assigned by Mrs. Fountain in order to serve as one of the 3 members for future hearings. If you miss a day of training, you will need to make it up with Mrs. Fountain. Members who miss more than 3 hearings in a semester may no longer serve on the council. We are depending on your presence in these hearings as an additional layer of behavior support. As a part of student leadership, these are deemed as reasonable expectations. If at any time, you feel that you can not meet the expectations of the council, please write a letter to Mrs. Fountain indicating that your schedule, etc. does not allow you attend as required. We will respect your decision as we understand that things may come up. Dr. McDuffie will then advertise for a replacement council member.